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‘Be A Mind Blower’ Crowdsource Competition

HENDERSON, Nev., Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Zyxio, the pioneer in next-generation
Human Media Interaction, announced today the launch of its "Be A Mind Blower"
online competition, allowing the public to submit their most innovative and
creative ideas for product development in a variety of categories, utilizing
Zyxio's new patented breath-enabled technology SensaWaft(TM).  The five most
ingenious applicants will be selected by the public to sit on the company's
special "Mind Blowing Advisory Board" for a six month period to assist with
the development of the new products.  They will also receive $6,000 and an
all-expense paid three day trip to Las Vegas. 

Imagine breathing out to flick through icons.  Or, think of exhaling and swap
gears in your favorite video game, hands busy on the controller.  With
SensaWaft(TM) technology, this soon could be a possibility.  "Be A Mind
Blower" gives anyone 16-years-old and older and legally authorized to work in
the United States a chance to be involved in advising Zyxio on the development
of its next breath-enabled project.  Applicants simply submit an idea online
in the following categories: PC/laptops/netbooks,
games/multimedia/entertainment, assistive/multimodal/virtual reality,
smartphones/in-vehicle/enterprise and digital music/graphic design.  

Additionally, anyone is eligible to enter as a judge to rate submissions on a
5-point scale from "Are you out of your mind?!" (one point) to "Genius, I Say
Yes!" (five points).  Submissions with the most points at the end of the six
week competition will win.  "Be A Mind Blower" has extended judging to the
public to allow those who may not have their own ideas to participate in the
process and believes that the best ideas should be decided by the public at
large, not a small group of corporate executives.  All judges are
automatically entered into a sweepstakes with the chance to win a Samsung
Go(TM) netbook or a Motorola Droid(TM) Phone.  Two of each product will be
given away at the end of the competition.  

"We believe that involving users in the development process of our future
products is of utmost importance as they will be the ones incorporating our
unique touchless technology into their everyday lives," says Pierre Bonnat
co-founder, Zyxio. "The scope of applications for our intuitive technology is
limitless, and we are turning to the public, rather than a focus group or test
panel, to give us direction by electing the most innovated and useful ideas.
Our job then is to tailor the technology to fit their choices."

After the initial five week submission period ending on November 30, 2009,
applicants will be narrowed to the top 25.  The finalists will have the
ability to promote their ideas utilizing blogs, videos and social networks
within the "Be a Mind Blower" Web site.  The five winners will then be
selected according to their points score. 

Through this competition Zyxio is introducing an incomparable proprietary
technology called SensaWaft(TM), an intuitive solution that senses and
analyzes when one intentionally breathes to interact. It was developed based
on human interactional behavior, and utilizes the untapped potential of the
kinetic energy of breath to control digital screens.

"Be a Mind Blower" competition runs from November 5th, 2009 at 12.00 pm PST to
December 13th, 2009 at 11.59 p.m. PST.

Crowdsourcing – A Jury?

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Best jury. This crowdsourcing bug really is spreading. Those folk behind the International ANDY Awards have launched a website, ElectTheJury.com, where visitors can select just who they want to see on the ANDY advertising jury from a long, long list of nominees (as well as add even more worthies, if they wish).
“The reality is, no one knows exactly what the future of our business will look like. We only know it will be discovered and shaped by the best people working in these widely disparate disciplines today – but working together,” the organizers say. “That’s what we want the ANDY Jury in 2010 to represent a coming together of the best of the best from around the world in storytelling, big ideas, creative technology and experience design.”
So in the spirit of change, we’ve decided to select a jury in a completely new way- by asking the industry to decide. By creating the first globally crowd-sourced group of judges, we hope to assemble the first awards show jury that truly represents where we are headed as an industry.
“For this to work, we need you and everyone you know to participate. To nominate others who we may have missed. And to vote for a 2010 ANDY jury you can truly believe in. Hopefully a jury that extends beyond the usual suspects and embraces some of the pioneers of emerging disciplines, as well as some stars from industries we must all learn to collaborate with.”
“We felt that a truer evaluation of the work would be to pull people in with different perspectives from outside the advertising business,” says Michael Lebowitz, CEO of US digital agency Big Spaceship, and ANDY Awards co-chair. “Our hope is that people will see this as an opportunity and feel compelled to participate.”
“Communications platforms have gotten so complex and advertising is going through unprecedented change because of it,” says co-chair Ty Montague, chief creative officer of JWT North America. “But one of the things that hasn’t changed is the way that awards shows work. Our mission is to get more people from different disciplines actively involved in figuring out who decides what the best work in 2010 is.”

How Understanding Customer Jobs turns Crowdsourcing into Smartsourcing

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Crowdsourcing is becoming a part of many companies’ innovation strategy. But crowdsourcing suffers from a number of problems that limit its effectiveness. By selecting ’emerging customers’ – who are better at spotting winning innovations – and helping them innovate around unmet customer needs, crowdsourcing can be turned into smartsourcing. Leading companies like Cisco already use smartsourcing to identify tomorrow’s winning innovations.