Next trend in advertising: “crowdsourcing”

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It is difficult to be completely original and innovative these days. As soon as you come up with that brilliant idea you think no one has ever experienced, it gets packaged to you via the latest “hilarious” YouTube clip, Twitter message, or personal blog post making the rounds. More than ever, newer technology is giving the masses a vociferous outlet for creativity — an outlet ad agencies are now ready to exploit.

It is called crowdsourcing, and it ushers in a bold new creative turn for agencies. The term refers to a collaborative effort of crowds (typically online) to generate ideas. Basically, the agencies will rely on the interplay and bouncing around of ideas by a group of people, while they monitor and guide the community through the creative process. The idea is to get more people involved in the development of new ideas. Think creative focus groups.

The new term emerges in the midst of what some of the major advertising conglomerates are deeming a period of recovery for the industry. As Advertising Age reports that commercial time on television networks is increasing (might football season have something to do with that?), Maurice Lévy, the CEO of mega agency Publicis Groupe predicted this week that “the advertising market is starting its recovery”, and his company would enjoy organic revenue growth during this time next year.


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