Crowdsourced Advertising

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Victors & Spoils launched today, touting itself as the “world’s first creative (ad) agency built on crowdsourcing principles.”  The agency’s crowdsourced approach stems from identifying the need for companies, brands and agencies to be radically transparent, to address the consumer’s demand to be more involved and from a growing cost consciousness regarding clients’ budgets.  Recognizing that the crowdsourcing paradigm can feel a bit unruly for most clients, Victors & Spoils will face the daunting challenge of identifying an array of possible crowdsourced solutions and keeping them on-strategy for their clients.

With respect to its creative strategy:

“At the core of Victors & Spoils is our creative department. It’s not a typical creative department made up of art directors and copywriters but one in which everyone from art directors and copywriters to strategists and producers come together to solve a brand’s strategic problems. Our creative department is a global digital community where anyone who wants to participate can. People will not only be rewarded by the solutions they develop both individually and as a group but also for participating in the community, itself, and helping others develop their skills and talent. In an effort to guide this participation, members of the creative department will earn a reputation ranking that will help determine a share of the revenue from each project.”

Anibal Casso at Accidental Thinking was able to speak with John Winsor, one of the brains behind this ingenious venture and current Chief Executive Officer, to better understand their reasons for being and vision to launch the agency:

AC: A lot has been said both about crowdsourcing lately but I believe you guys are the first ones with the courage and the vision to actually do something serious about. Considering the current economic landscape, why now?

JW: It felt like the right time. there’s been a lot of momentum building from great pioneers, Crosdspring, Innocentive, BBH-Labs and CP+B. It’s time to take the next step in the evolution.

AC: With the rise of ideas built collaboratively, do you guys envision a future where the traditional model is death?

JW: All kinds of new models will emerge that will creatively solve different problems for different clients. You’ll see a very dense landscape of everything from hybrid traditional models to complete virtual ones.

It will be interesting to see how Victor & Spoils’ creative democracy plays out in actuality, vs. theory – and how its first clients and brand work perform.


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