Active Crowdsourcing Examples

A list of working examples sourced with compliments from:

WHO (Company/Sponsor) WHAT (What is Crowdsourced?) WHERE (Country)
99designs Graphic Design Australia
Article One Partners U.S. Patent Reform / Prior Art Research USA
Battle Of Concepts Advertising Creative Holland
Blellow General USA
Bon Bon Kakku Graphic Design Finland
Cambrian House General Canada
Catwalk Genius Fashion / Design / Shopping Ireland
Cameesa Apparel / Design USA
College Prowler Education USA
Colspark Business / Sales / Marketing USA
Covestor Investing USA
c,mm,n Automotive Holland
Creatad Advertising
Crowdspirit General USA
Crowdspring Design USA
CureTogether Medicine USA
Current Film/TV USA
DoNanza Agrregates All crowdsourcing projects from across the web into one place. Israel
Dream Heels Printed High Heels / Graphic Design / Shopping / Footwear Global / USA
Ebbsfleet FC Sports UK
Elastic Lab Advertising, Video Production USA
Fat Muffin Advertising USA
Featurelist IT/Computers/Internet USA
Feedback2.0 Ideas+Answers France
FeVote General USA
Foldit Science USA
Freerisk Finance USA
Galaxy Zoo Aerospace USA
GeniusRocket Video, Design, and Copywriting USA/Global
Get Satisfaction Customer Service USA
Goosegrade Editing USA
Graniph Apparel Japan
Guardian (Tech News on Sun Oracle) News UK
Halfbakery Ideas? USA?
HerdictWeb IT/Computers/Internet (inaccessible websites) USA
HourDB Business, Shopping, General USA
Hunch Shopping, Decision Support USA
Idea Connection Business, Solutions for the Common Good Canada
Idea Scale Customer Service USA
I-StockPhoto Photography USA
John Fluevog Open Source Footwear Footwear, Shopping USA
Kluster Business USA
LeadVine Business USA
Mangahelpers Media USA
MyFab Home/Furnishings, Shopping France
MapMyRun Sports, Recreation USA
Naming Force Design USA
NewsTrust Media USA
NowPublic Media USA
Original Snowboard Art Design USA
Owngig Music UK
PC Tools Together Computer Security Software Dublin/Boulder/Sydney
Poptent Advertising, Creative Philadelphia, PA
Rate My Professors Education USA
Redesign Me Design Holland
Seed Providence Community Development, DIY City Providence, RI, USA
Sellaband Music Germany/Holland Online Collaboration USA
Something Awful Entertainment USA
SparkWords News/Media USA
Spreadshirt Apparel / Design, Shopping USA
Stocktwits Investing USA
StyleHop Fashion Demand Forecasting USA
Suggestion Box Customer Service USA
Swarm of Angels Film/TV USA
Threadless Apparel / Design, Shopping USA
TxtEagle Mobile / Translation USA, Kenya, Rwanda
Unigo Education USA
User Voice General USA
Vocalo Media USA
Wikipedia Editing USA
WikiCrimes Society/Government Brazil
WikiMapAid Humanitarian Assistance Brazil/UK
Wordia Video USA
XLNTads Advertising, Creative Philadelphia, PA
Yollege Education USA
Global Lives Film/TV USA
TekScout Science / Engineering USA
InnoCentive Problem solving, General USA
Fellowforce General Holland
Inkling Forecasting USA
HumanGrid IT/Computers/Internet Holland
Incuby General ?
WhyNot General ?
Naked & Angry Accessories, Shopping USA
Cafe Press Accessories, Clothes, Shopping USA
Zazzle Accessories, Clothes, General, Shopping USA
ArtistShare Music USA
Share Your Brain General
Yahoo! Answers General USA
I-Bridge Education USA
TopCoder Software Design, Development & Graphics USA
IdeaNet Non-profit USA
Spot Us Journalism USA
TripAdvisor Travel USA
Oscar and Jim Film/TV UK
RYZ Footwear USA
MySoti Apparel, Design, General, Shopping UK
Txteagle Mobile phones USA
Ushahidi Crisis information, mobile phones Global
uTest Software testing Global
Pixazza Advertising, Shopping Global
Open metoCube Processes, Procedures, Methodologies Spain
Inkfruit Accessories, Clothes India
AddictLab Advertising, General Belgium
Idea Bounty Communications, Media, Marketing ZA
Kedai Photo Event-Based Photo Sharing USA
Fiskateers Arts/Crafts USA
MeGlobe Translation USA
Name This Business Services, Naming Canada
Nosago Public sector issues US/UK
User Testing Usability issues USA
BootB Advertising, Creative industries Russia/USA
Crowdsound Customer feedback USA
Hollrr Product PR
Mob4hire Mobile Application Testing Canada
Brownbook Business, General UK
Jovoto Advertising, Creative industries Germany
LinkLarry Media, News USA
SiteBattles Marketing USA
OpenAd Advertising Slovenia
EyeKa Marketing France
JuJups Design USA/Singapore
Quirky Business, creative ideas USA
Exuve Apparel USA
Data Discoverers Data USA
NestCams– Cornell Lab of Ornithology Photos USA
Brewtopia Brewery Australia
Inkd Print design USA
YouSuggest Ideas India

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